You have been working on the mint for decades. You love this place. You love this job.

You are the minter.

Your life is currency!

Made in 48 hours, for Ludum Dare 44 ("Your life is currency").


Your goal is to keep the mint working, keep the money flowing, keep your job. The mint will make coins automatically as long as the machines are in good shape: raw metal is delivered in one side, coins leave on the other.

Keep an eye on the “coins per minute” indicator. If it falls to zero, it is game over for you!

Control the minter (your character, the green thing on the screen) with the arrow keys or WASD. Execute actions with Control, Enter or the space bar (they are all the same; this game uses a single “action” command).

Machines: Machines decay naturally as the time passes and sometimes they just break. You can fix them using tools. The worse the machine state, the slower it will send the mintage to the next stage in the production pipeline.

Tools: You fix machines using tools. You start with a wrench, which never breaks but is not really a good tool. You can buy other tools which are faster to fix things up but have a chance of breaking upon use. Buying a tool will reduce your “coins per minute” for some time. You can get your tools at your office.

Visitors: The mint has a nice museum by the reception area. Visitors are blue and are welcome. Too bad, sometimes visitors get curious and decide to wander through the forbidden areas of the mint. Don’t let them do that! These areas are dangerous, and an injured visitor will cost you some “coins per minute” as restitution. And let’s not even think about how much would cost of a visitor lost his life in a mint accident!

Thieves: Since Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) aired, the number of red-clothed people trying to steal money from mints has skyrocketed. Expect some of them.

Weapons: They work are just like tools, but can be used to kill thieves and to convince rogue visitors to go back home. Avoid hitting visitors too hard, you don’t want them dead!


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