The Bork robot race is so powerful they can destroy the entire galaxy in a second. But they are not evil -- they just ask for a sacrifice once every century.

The last one was 99 years ago.

Your quest is to reach the Borks and to make the sacrifice and give humans one more century of existence. Legends say you may need to make other sacrifices on your way...

Made in 48 hours, for Ludum Dare 43 ("Sacrifices must be made"). Kinda looks like a real game, but when the first minute is much harder than the boss fight, something is wrong :-)

Controls, in game
  • Move ship: Arrows, WASD, controller D-pad, controller left stick
  • Fire: Space bar, alt, control, shift or the  main controller buttons; each one fires a different weapon
  • Pause/inventory screen: F1, pause on keyboard, pause  or start button on the controller

Controls, inventory screen

  • Select item: Arrows, controller D-pad, controller left stick
  • For other actions there are on-screen instructions. Just be aware that, in order to swap one equipped item with an item in the cargo slots, you must have the equipped item selected.


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